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MediServ team extends its gratitude to our valued customers and visitors at Mediconex  for affording us support and....................

MediServ will exhibt at Mediconex Cairo Health on 18-20 April , 2012 in Cairo international conference center ( CICC)  ..............................


Welcome To MediServ Egypt

MediServEgypt markets products that simplify, automate and innovate complex biomedical testing.

Our diagnostic systems are found in hospitals and other critical care settings and produce information used by physicians to diagnose disease, make treatment decisions and monitor patients.

Scientists use our life science research instruments to study complex biological problems including causes of disease and potential new therapies or drugs.

Laboratories are our core clinical diagnostic customers.

MediServEgypt is becoming popular for the quality of its products, CE marked, obtained by large-scale investment in research, innovation and technology.

We are serving laboratory requirements of devices and reagents for:

  • • Human testing
  • • Veterinary testing

In the fields of:

  • • Complete blood picture ( CBC )
  • • Blood Chemistry tests in serum and urine
  • • Coagulation tests (PT, PTT,…..)
  • • Blood gases and electrolytes tests
  • • Esr tests
  • • ELISA testing